The Learning Curve

TLC The Learning Curve September –December 2020

7.15pm -8.15pm When you don’t yet know an Aleph from a Beit, or are a bit

About such things, come and learn with us.

And for those who do know how to decode, Beginnings of Siddur Hebrew,

do order a copy of the book, ‘ Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way’.

Judaism 1018:15 – 9.30pm

September 8 Yom Kippur…Sin and Forgiveness and Jonah

                September 12th Celebrate Shabbat followed by Selichot programme

September 15 Yom Kippur…The Main Prayers of the Day

                September 19 and 20 Come celebrate Rosh Hashanah

September 22 Succot…Living in Gratitude and Trepidation

                September 27/8 Celebrate Kol Nidrei/Yom Kippur

September 29 no class

                October 2/3 Celebrate succot with the community

October 6 Simchat Torah The wonders of Torah

                October 9/10 Celebrate Simchat Torah with the community

October 13 no class

October 20 no class

October 27 So where do we come from? Across the river? What does the Torah and archaeology teach us of our ancient history?

November 3 Why is the Chumash dotted with texts from theprophets (Nevi’im), and what is Prophetic Judaism?

November 10 he last section in the Tenach (Bible) Ketuvim (The writings)

November 17 A chance to study some passages from the Mishnah and learn something about the famous rabbis of
classical Jewish study

November 24 this time some Talmud, what has been its
fascination for Jewish people for the last 1,500 years, and growing in
popularity today?

December 1 Look at some fascinating texts through the eyes of medieval
masters: Midrash
and commentary with Rashi

December 8 Chanukah

                December 10 light first Chanukah candle

                December 12th Celebrate Chanukah with the community

December 15 Law codes and philosophy through Maimonides.