Image result for warning  Dear friends,

We all know that we live in very interesting and complicated times. There are two very important mitzvot in Judaism, one is Pikuach Nefesh, saving life.  The other is dina d’malchuta dina, the law of the land is the law.  So in the hope that we will be able to save the life of our wonderful fellow members, we will of course obey the regulations coming from the government and practice social distancing.

In our case this means that all services, special social chat groups and classes will be available online, via Zoom, or through a phone link. We will also phone members to try and keep in touch and respond to people’s needs and rabbi Jackie can be contacted through her email address or her phone. Our varied programme will of course continue, and we hope to be able to keep in touch with and support each other in true West Central fashion through this difficult time and meet sometime soon.

Please keep safe and well. May God guard you from all evil.

l’shalom Rabbi Jackie

020 8800 9345

A welcome from Judith Fox, chair of WCLS

We welcome you to West Central Liberal Synagogue (WCLS), whether you are visiting London, travelling through or living in this wonderful vibrant city. WCLS is located in the centre of London, in the Bloomsbury district and has a long and illustrious history having been established by Lily Montagu back in 1928. At that time, many of the local Jewish Community were employed in the fashion industry, and as such were obliged to work on Saturday mornings. A solution needed to be found, and Miss Lily, as she was known, created the unique concept of a morning Shabbat service that is held at 3pm in the afternoon. The tradition became engrained, so even though Saturday working in the “rag trade” is no longer the standard for our Community, the 3pm Service remains a fixed part of our life at WCLS, always followed by Kiddush, tea and schmoozing.

We are proud to be part of Liberal Judaism, with men and women taking equal roles in all aspects of the Synagogue, services and community life. We are great believers in people actively participating in our Services. The weekly readings of Amidah and Haftarah are allocated to members of the Synagogue, and we involve as many as possible in our celebration of the Festivals.

We welcome all, and if you choose to attend services or enquire further, please contact our Administrator Carole Schomberg on

Our Shabbat and Festival services are led by Rabbi Jackie Tabick, the distinguished pioneer of UK women rabbis. Some services are led by our two Baalei Tefillah, qualified lay prayer leaders. Please see below for information about education classes and other activities provided by Rabbi Jackie Tabick during the week. WCLS helps us to deepen our knowledge and appreciation of Judaism, emphasising the ethical and philosophical aspects of our ancient faith for a modern world. We try to be adaptable and understanding, while appreciating our traditions, to foster well-being and harmony, and to respect other peoples’ rights to their own opinions and traditions.

We look forward to welcoming you to WCLS.

Education classes and other activities provided by the Rabbi.

Rabbi Jackie Tabick provides regular weekday evening sessions on both Basic Hebrew and Judaism 101 – exploring Jewish beliefs and traditions.
For further information, contact Rabbi Jackie on

Rabbi Jackie is also available to help with matters relating to:

  • life cycle events (baby blessings, circumcision, weddings, special anniversaries, divorce,  and death);
  • Jewish status issues;
  • Illness;
  • and other important matters in your life when you might appreciate someone just to speak to who is outside your family group or your circle of friends.

If you would like to contact Rabbi Jackie, or want to tell her about another member who may need some rabbinic support at a difficult time, please email Rabbi Jackie at

The synagogue has a facebook page and an ebook club.