Times of Services, Classes and Activities

Selichot. September 12th
Saturday 12th September
3-5.15 pm
Shabbat service followed by time to chat.
Saturday 12th September
5.15-6.30 pm
Rabbi Larry Tabick Is God self-isolating?

It is easy to say that God is with us when things are going well, but what if things are going very badly? We will consider this question with reference to the Bible, Kabbalah and Hasidism. Are there relevant lessons for spiritual people in the age of Covid-19 and climate crisis?
Saturday 12th September
6.30-7.15 pm
supper in breakout rooms so you can chat to each other…sorry, until we invent Star Trek technology, you have to provide your own food!
Saturday 12th September
7.15 -9pm
A Premier on the Stage of Zoom!

A new play by Merle Feld, written especially for the High Holidays in 2020.


A simple play reading led by our friends and members in the community, with nuanced characters trying to come to terms with their lives, their worries, their hopes and dreams as they go through Yom Kippur together on zoom. We realise that many of their worries, questions and thoughts are actually the same as ours as they confront both the issues that Covid 19 has brought in its train, including our love-hate relationship with zoom services! and more long lasting issues that surround our souls. The words and situations kick start the process of repentance and prayer that stretches before us into the High Holidays.
followed by Havdalah and then discussion, as time allows, first in breakout rooms then in the larger group.
Saturday 12th September

Selichot Service.

One of the greatest services of the year and a total mystery for so many people. Hear the familiar High Holiday prayers and music and be jolted out of your complacency by the sounds of the Shofar. A wonderful wake-up call for the high Holidays.

Service and class times

As we continue to understand the risk that the Coronavirus presents and the impact that it has on our lives, all services, classes, and events will be held remotely.  There will not be any services held at the Synagogue.

 Remote Events on Zoom meeting platform.  If you wish to join these events please send Rabbi Jackie an email Jackie.tabick@gmail.com or leave a message on 0208 959 3129.  Guidance on using Zoom will be given.

  •  If Zoom poses difficulties, you will also be able to join remote events by telephone, mobiles or landlines. 


Classes and activities will be conducted as follows:


Services and Shabbat Lunch and Learns will continue as scheduled. We will start the Zoom meeting at 1.30pm, which is an hour and a half before services begin (Services begin at 3pm), for anyone who would like to join early for the discussion.


Tuesdays Rabbi Jackie will start hosting the meeting at 7.30pm for various Hebrew classes 

And 8.15pm for the Judaism class.  If new people want to join these classes they should send Rabbi Jackie an email Jackie.tabick@gmail.com or leave a message on 0208 959 3129.


Thursdays Rabbi Jackie will invite you to join her from 7.30pm. If new people want to join this group they should send Rabbi Jackie an email Jackie.tabick@gmail.com or leave a message on 0208 959 3129.


Fancy a chat? Wednesday mornings, 11-12 noon, you can join a social chat on zoom.

If you want an individual chat with the rabbi, do send her an email or leave a message on 0208 959 3129, and she will do her best to contact you as soon as possible.